Online Grant Application Frequently Asked Questions

Does the online application also follow the Washington Grantmakers' (WRAG) Common Grant Application (CGA)?
No. Effective for the November 1, 2016 application deadline, The Foundation no longer accepts the WRAG CGA. See Before You Apply for more details.

How do I begin the online application process?
To begin the Cafritz Foundation’s grant application process, you must first create an account in our online application system. See Before You Apply for more details. Please note that any grant application you create will remain in draft form until you submit it to us for review.

Do I have to create an account to access the online application?
Yes. An account is required in order to access and submit an online application.

How can I retrieve my forgotten username?
Your username is the same as the e-mail address you used to create your online application. You may contact us at or 202.223.3100, if you are unable to locate your username.

What if I forget my password?
Go to the Account Login page and follow the instructions to retrieve a lost or forgotten password.

What if I am unable to log into my account? Close your web browser and reopen it, if you are using Firefox. Or if you are using Internet Explorer or Chrome clear the cache in Internet Options from the Tools menu.

Is my password case-sensitive?
Yes. Please be sure to write down your password just as you created it.

The person who wrote our grant application(s) is no longer with the organization, and I do not know our online account username or password. How can I access our account?
E-mail the Foundation at and provide the e-mail address of the person who created the account and the name, e-mail address and title of the person the account should be transferred to. You will receive an e-mail indicating the account has been transferred, and you can update the password to suit your preference.

Can I print a copy of the online application to review and prepare my answers, before I actually begin the application?
Yes. See Before You Apply for a PDF copy of the application.

Can I submit an online application, even if I don't pass the eligibility quiz?
Yes. If after completing the eligibility quiz, you still feel you qualify for funding, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the link provided to continue with the application.

I am being asked to start the Eligibility quiz for the second time, how do I get to my application? Please use this link: to go to your Account Page.

I am having trouble uploading attachments to the application, how do I  do it?Please have your IT department WHITELIST :

Sometimes this happens when you are behind a firewall and it is blocking you from uploading files.  If you white list these sites your firewall will not block uploads to them and you should be able to attach the files after that.

If I am in the middle of writing my application, can I save it and continue working later?
Yes. Click “Save and Finish Later” at the bottom of the page, and the information you have entered will be stored for later retrieval.

I saved my application from a previous session. How do I get to it?
Please use this link: to go to your Account Page.

Why is my application not listed after I log in?
First check the view you have selected in the drop-down menu. You can either choose to view applications that have already been submitted or applications that are still in progress. If the application is in neither of those fields, you may not have saved your application before exiting. e-mail with any technical questions or problems.

Does the online application have a spell check feature?
Yes, all of the narrative questions have a spell check feature.

If I have a fiscal sponsor, how should we fill out the application fields?
Please submit the required attachments (budget, audit, and other financial statements) for both the fiscal sponsor and your organization/project. In the online application, please insert your fiscal sponsor’s contact information under the Organization Information and your project’s information under Request Contact.

Can I apply for a capital request through the online system?

As noted in Before You Apply, the Foundation does not generally fund capital requests. However, if you have spoken to a member of our staff and still wish to apply for a capital request, in addition to the Organization and Project Narrative and financials, please complete and submit the Capital Project Narrative and Capital Project Attachment, that can be found under Before You Apply.  

How do I submit attachments in the online system?
Applicants must upload ALL required documents to the online application. Follow the instructions on the Attachments page of the online application. Attachments must be submitted in Adobe PDF formats. If you need assistance creating PDF files, visit High-speed internet access will streamline the application process, but it is not required.

How much space is available when adding attachments?
The maximum size for all attachments from an applicant combined is 25 MB.

I submitted an application, but forgot to add an attachment. What should I do?
If you forgot to submit an attachment, please e-mail it to We ask that you include your organization name in the e-mail subject line.

Are there any system requirements for submitting online grant applications?
There are no special system requirements for completing an online grant application. However, applicants must submit required attachments online. A list of required attachments can be found under Before You Apply. High-speed internet access will streamline the application process, but it is not required. We do recommend Internet Explorer, as other browser firewalls sometimes block the application pages.

Can several staff at my organization work on the same application? Yes.  You can share the application with others in your organization while you are logged into your online account. Please contact us if you have questions or concerns regarding your application.

How can I tell if my application has been received by The Cafritz Foundation?
When you click “Submit” you will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of your application with a copy of your submitted application. This is why it is very important to enter your e-mail address accurately when creating your account. In addition, you will receive an e-mail acknowledgement from the Foundation within three weeks following the grant application deadline for which you submitted.

Once an application has been submitted, can it be retrieved or edited by the applicant?
No. Once submitted, an application cannot be modified. We recommend printing your draft application and carefully proofreading your responses before submitting an application. Please contact us at if you have questions or concerns regarding your application.

What if my system crashes while I am submitting my application online?
The online grant application system has been designed to minimize the loss of information. You must click “Save and Finish Later” for the system to save the information you have entered. We recommend using the “Save and Finish Later” option frequently.

Is my organization’s information secure when I apply online?
The Cafritz Foundation takes your privacy seriously. We do not rent, sell or share personal information about grant applications with other people or with nonaffiliated companies or organizations, without your prior permission.

How secure is the website that hosts the online application process?
The Cafritz Foundation uses MicroEdge LLC’s Internet Grant Application Module (IGAM) to accept applications and applications via the Internet. MicroEdge provides this service in the form of a hosted web-based application service provider solution. Communication from the end user’s browser to the IGAM server occurs via the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL). SSL ensures end-to-end security and encryption of all data traveling from the applicant’s browser to the IGAM server.

If I am awarded a grant, are there specific guidelines for submitting grant reports?

Once approved, grantees must submit all interim and final reports online through our online application system as required in their grant agreement, unless otherwise specified.

Whom should I contact if I have a question concerning the online application?
E-mail with any technical questions or problems. If you have questions about the application itself, please contact or 202.223.3100.