For Current Grantees

On this page you will find resources and information for communicating about your grant and submitting grant reports.

To begin a new application current and previous grantees of The Cafritz Foundation need to submit a full application to request subsequent grants. Please refer to Before You Apply and Application Process.

Communicating about Your Grant

We encourage you to communicate about your work and relationship with The Cafritz Foundation. We welcome acknowledgment of the Foundation’s support in any appropriate materials.

Please be sure to contact your program officer or our grants management staff before including the Foundation in your communications. Wherever possible and appropriate, you can link to our website (

Describing The Cafritz Foundation

Please use this language to describe The Cafritz Foundation at the end of press releases, or in other communications:

The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation is the largest private, independent, local Foundation focused exclusively on the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. The Foundation is the legacy of Morris Cafritz, one of Washington’s leading commercial and residential builders from the early 1920’s to the mid-60’s. An outstanding civic leader known for his generosity, Morris Cafritz established the Foundation in 1948. His wife, Gwendolyn, one of Washington’s leading hostesses in the post World War II years. The Cafritz Foundation is committed to building a stronger community for residents of the Washington, DC area through support of programs in arts and humanities, community services, education, health and the environment.

We encourage you to mention our full name—The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation—on first use and refer to us as The Cafritz Foundation in subsequent uses. If you are including the Foundation in a list of other supporters, please use our full name.

Using the Cafritz Foundation Logo

You may wish to include the Foundation's logo on your website or in your print materials, and we are happy to provide the logo for your use. Feel free to contact us for use of our logo.

Reporting on Your Grant

The Cafritz Foundation requests financial and programmatic reports for every grant to document how funds were used and to help us learn more about the accomplishments and challenges of the organizations we support. We also use the information in final reports to identify successful strategies within each program area and to inform our future grantmaking. We value your experience, and encourage candor in reporting both successes and challenges.

Your award letter will include reporting due dates and guidelines. The Cafritz Foundation requires reports to be submitted online. You may log in to your account to view your current reporting requirements. Reporting templates can be found here:

New Interim Report New Interim Report (56 KB)

New Final Report New Final Report (141 KB)

The timely submission of reports is an important part of the grant process. Please contact Connie Sun, the Foundation's Grants Assistant, if you believe you will not be able to submit your report by the due date.

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