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Spotlight: Southeast Ministry


The Foundation’s Education docket invests in learning from cradle to career. It includes schools that provide early childhood education, kindergarten through twelfth-grade instruction and undergraduate and graduate institutions. The Foundation also looks for models that provide comprehensive services to help students improve academic success and future employment outcomes. This may include charter and private schools, college access programs, groups focusing on teacher and school leader training, as well as certain supportive scholarship programs. In addition, the Foundation invests in adult basic education, literacy programs and preparation and testing for the General Equivalency Diploma


Southeast Ministry  from Stone Soup Films on Vimeo.

For more information, please visit Southeast Ministry website.

Stone Soup Films mobilizes professional talent to produce compelling pro bono films that support nonprofits in communicating more powerfully. Its goal is to tell the real-life stories of how local organizations are transforming the lives of individuals in need. By documenting the stories of individuals served through community-based programs, Stone Soup Films is able to provide a compelling case for the work being done in the Washington, DC community.

For more information about Stone Soup Films and to inquire about its pro bono services, visit www.stonesoupfilms.org

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